COURSE DESCRIPTION: As a first course in the core microeconomics sequence, the objective is to provide a rigorous treatment of the foundations of Economic Theory. We will study preferences relations, consumer theory, choice under uncertainty, market equilibrium, producer theory, and monopoly and oligopoly markets. The students will have to solve a set of exercises during the term that are essential for them to get a better grasp of the material presented in class and to get used to produce rigorous proofs. The course will follow closely MGW textbook (Chapters, 1-6 and parts of the Chapters 10 and 12).

PART 1 (Dr. Michelucci) covers Ch. 1-4 and Ch.6 MGW

LECTURES: Monday and Thursday 3 to 4.30pm, room 320

OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday 5 to 6pm and Thursday 9 to 10am, room 332b

PRACTICE CLASSES: Monday 8.45-9.45am, room 320

TAs: Olexandr Nikolaychuk and Natalia Shestakova

TAs OFFICE HOURS: Wednesday 4.30-6pm, room 331 (Natalia) and Friday 1.30-3pm, room 410 (Olexandr)

COURSE EVALUATION: Midterm Exam on first half of the course (45%), Final Exam (45%), Problems Sets (10%)

PROBLEM SETS (Part 1): You will have practice classes every week. However, only 4 Problems sets will be to be handed in (for part 1). Out of the these 4, 2 will be randomly selected and marked.

RULES: You can work on Problems sets on your own or in small groups (3-4 people max). In any case, you have to hand in your own solution. If you work in groups, you have to write down the name of the people in the group.

EXAM (PART 1): 22nd of October 3 to 4.30pm (90min, no calculators or other material is allowed)

PS1 (due on 21/09/09 at start of the class)